Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One of the Scariest Places in America 1.1

So Slasher is now registered with the WGA (Writers Guild of America).

Which I'm happy about.

Still tryin' to set up some proper pitch meetings. Haven't yet heard back from Erica, who is always on the phone with Brian Grazer or sompunother.

Has she read the script yet? Who knows?

In the meantime, I've done line edits and revised some critical dialogue in the third act, begun planning a beat sheet, begun reading From Reel to Deal (which is outright hysterical one second and outright frightening the next!), begun a cast breakdown, and begun to try to boil the film down to a proper screenplay treatment.

I've also been taking some notes from film production books like the new book on Grindhouse. In that book, you can see scale models of all the Death Proof sets: Jungle Julia's apartment, the bar, etc. I've asked Chris Chambless about building a diorama/scale model/3D CGI model of the Tusker House, our primary location. He thinks it's a great idea, so I've already reached out to a computer animator in that regard. The more work we can get done by ourselves the better, especially if we're trying to get this film out by next Halloween.

I've also come up with a Logline: "It's The Ring in a haunted plantation house." What do you think?

One thing I do know is that they continue to use writers for shark bait in the television and film industry. See the links below:

For writers, it's a scary world all day long.


Control Z said...

I'm going to leave a comment on this blog post because you disabled comments on the Microsoft one... Ohhh the power of misinformation. You're Sean Hannity, I'm Charlie Rangel. Better yet, you're Fox News and I'm MSNBC.

Chuck Lightning said...

Hey, it wouldn't be a real Microsoft? post if I gave the lil' guy a chance, would it?

Just tryin to get in the MS spirit here.

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